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Zenith ZKB-2 Mechanical Keyboard with Alps SKCL Green Switches & Beeper - TESTED
Six Port S-100 Serial I/O Board with 3 Z-80 SIO/0 ICs for Altair, IMSAI, etc.
Plus Hardcard II XL 105 16bit ISA Full Length Interface Card
Vector Graphic Bitstreamer II I/O Board for Altair, IMSAI, etc.
IBM Model M's (1391401) - Cleaned, Tested, Guaranteed!!
Go, go inspect their gadgets
Evans' ground-floor study is a veritable Batcave of computers and tablets. In his living room ... points within the bluestone walls of the 19th-century terrace, it's his vintage tech that most excites him. ''I have a very old retro PowerBook, the first ...
Don't look Mac in anger: 20 years of change for Apple
In 1993, Future Publishing (which also publishes TechRadar) launched MacFormat magazine. There were lots of good reasons to launch an Apple magazine back then. In retrospect, though, MacFormat was launched just as Apple was about to enter one of the most ...
That’s Infotainment: Meet the Brains Behind Your Car’s Touchscreen
The California-based tech company—best known for the graphics processing technology that lives in millions of computers, tablets, and smart phones ... He reflected on the culture clash between computer and car companies—“We’re always, like ...
PC tech in 2013: what to expect
Has 2012 been a vintage year for the PC? Things have certainly ... the world and his dog will be producing tablet convertibles and touch-enabled laptops in 2013. So prices will tumble over the year. Intel's Next Unit of Computing It arrived at the end ...
Weighing the Importance of Picture Frames in the Social Networking Age
Are photo frames still valuable these days? Do they even have use at all? Are they on the verge of being obsolete? Since the massive popularity of social networking sites like Facebook, Google , Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, and others, these questions have ...
Amiga A3000 GAL chips to replace PAL U202 U203 U701 and U714 - NEW!
RARE Vintage Apple Macintosh iici MicroMac Carrera 040 Accelerator 68040!!!!
NEW Clock PRAM Backup Battery Apple Powerbook G3 Pismo Lombard 616-0108 922-3829
COMMODORE 64 Wifi Telnet Modem v2.1 *300 to 9600 baud*
Glitch Works XT-IDE rev 4 Full Parts Kit XTIDE 8 Bit ISA IDE Interface XT IDE
Lot of 2 Macintosh Plus Floppy Drives (PARTS ONLY)
ARPLE MAY 1996 Provider Edition With 1995 Apple TV commercials
IBM BEAMSPRING Keychain Keyboard Key 5251 3101 3278 3279 5120 Displaywriter
ACHME COMPUTER MS-4132 486 Motherboard Intel i486 DX Processor
Farallon EtherMac PN594-TP Ethernet Adapter Mac SE/30 Iisi+
Vintage IBM Personal Computer Color Monitor 5153 TESTED Free Shipping
Commodore Datamaster Computer Cassette VIC-20 VIC-64 Model 5500 NOS
New Drakware NeXT Non ADB Keyboard To USB Convertor Mac OS X , Windows , Linux
Zeta2 Zeta SBC Version 2.0 z80 computer cpm PC board PCB
TRS-80 Model II Z80 CPU Board Rev "C" from Tandy Radio Shack SHIPS INTERNATIONAL
FreHD Hard Drive Emulator for use w/ Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 Model III 4 4P 4D
NeXT NON ADB KANJI KEYBOARD New Old Stock for NeXT Cube RARE Steve Jobs Alps
VTG Radio Shack / Tandy CCR-83 for TRS-80 Computer Cassette Tape Recorder
IBM Model M 1391401 Clicky Keyboard Dated:06-JAN-1992 screw-modded ID:5977189
NEW Vintage CSC 4101 External CD-Rom Drive SCSI Interface W/cable 
Apple ADB Mac Macintosh Coiled Keyboard Cable 4 pin MM
Captain Grant Joystick, NEW IN BOX, Atari, Sears TeleGames, Commodore Vic-20
Vintage 1977 Processor Technology VDM-1 Video Board for S-100; Altair IMSAI etc.
IBM vintage keyboard 1393464
S-100 Front Panel PCB (FPMini)
AppleCD 300 External SCSI CD-ROM Disc Drive M3023 Vintage Apple Macintosh
GVP G-Force 030 50/4 Combo 68030+SCSI+RAM Impact 50Mhz 68030 Amiga Accelerator
TRS-80 Model I Expansion Interface Board - Tandy - SHIPS INTERNATIONAL
TI-99/4a to Atari 2600 Style Joystick Adapter - Supports Two Joysticks
Intel Overdrive 100 MHz 486 CPU Upgrade DX4ODP100 Testing and Guaranteed
Commodore 8562 Vic-II, WORKING PULL, C64 Video Interface Chip II, MOS CBM 8562R4
NEW XT-IDE rev 4 Assembled + Tested 8 Bit ISA XTIDE Glitch Works IBM 5160 5150
Oliver Audio Engineering  OP-80A manual paper tape reader IMSAI  ALTAIR 
Sperry Univac 3614407-01 vintage circuit board memory board
Intel 486 DX4 CPU with Write Back Cache S80486DX4100 &EW Testing and Guaranteed
Glitch Works GW-48T02-1 MK48T02 NVRAM Replacement (Sun SPARCstation sun4c etc.)
Apple Ethernet CS II Twisted-Pair Card w/ Brckt 630-1837 820-0784-A Comm Slot II
ibm aptiva m50 model 2144-m50 Computer
SE/30 Hack Project - Radius Color Pivot IIsi Video Interface Card - Apple Mac
Magnetic Ferrite Core Memory Plane - 6" x 6" and 16,384 bits, from IBM 360 unit
PCChips socket 3 486 VLB motherboard, POSTs
Apple Computer II Plus Empty Case Housing Lid Speaker Metal Bottom Plate
Vintage LaCie Macintosh SCSI External Hard Drive
Macintosh Portable 34 to 50 pin SCSI Hard drive Adapter
AMD Unreleased A4 A6 Llano Engineering Sample CPU Processor for collectors
*UPDATED* Joystick Breadboard Breakout for C64 VIC20 Atari 2600 VCS Development
ISA Sound blaster 16 With SCSI controller
Apple Keyboard II 2 M0487 & choice of mouse G5431 M2706 Macally desktop 
Micronics JX30G VLB motherboard Intel 486 66MHz CPU 32MB FPM memory + 33MHz CPU
Apple LaserWriter IINT Controller Board Model M6009
Atari Computer Switch Box-Great Condition
1984 PPI Super Sketch & BOX TI99 TI-99 TI Texas Instruments TI99/4A Computer
IBM ThinkPad 701c Vintage Notebook Computer
Final Expansion 3 Rev 11 for the VIC-20 *NEW*
AMD K6-2+ 500ACR 500 mhz processor ss7 retro gaming NEW super socket 7 k 6
TV/Video Game/Computer 2-Way A/B Signal Switch 75-Ohm and 300-Ohm ~ RadioShack
New Sealed Box Apple 2.0MB High Density Floppy Disk Macintosh 3.5 914-0706-A
Vintage Commodore MPS-803 Dot Matrix Printer Powers On + Modem
SSI 263P / VOTRAX SC-02 chip (voice synthesis/speech synthesis chip)
GGLABS CGA2RGB Commodore/Tandy/PC digital RGBI to analog RGB converter C128 DAC
Atari External Hard Disk ST Supra Drive 49MB
NEW TRS-80 Tandy Color Computer High-Resolution Joystick Interface 26-3028
Vintage Mainframe NCR Flowchart Template Stencil Computer Programming 1960's
Commodore-64/C64 Commercial-grade 24x7 Power Supply w/utility outlets
DIY z80 Computer PCB - See Description for Details
Vintage Sound Blaster 32 Card Model Ct3670 - Sb32pnp45 Includes Installed Memory
Apple Macintosh Mac IIGS 3.5" diskette drive A9M0106 WORKING
DSUB DB 19 Male Connector and Shroud Uber Rare for NeXT Apple Computer ATARI DIY
COMMODORE 64 VIC-20 128 Wifi Modem v2.1 OLED Display -300 to 9600 baud-
'86 Zenith Data Systems model Z-248 CPU/Memory Board w/8MHz 286 CPU 85-3261-01E
Commodore 901225, BRAND NEW, Character ROM C64/128, MOS CBM
Micropolis 5-1/4" Floppy Disk Controller for S-100; Altair, IMSAI, etc.
Applied Engineering "GS-RAM" Apple IIgs Memory board TESTED!
Turtle Beach Rio daughterboard MIDI sound card ISA vintage rare
Vintage 1987 COMPAQ Motherboard with 286 (CPU) Processor
1090019530 ATI Mach 32, 1MB VLB Video Adapter EXM195 ** PULLS **
New 1 Pc. P4004 First Intel Microprocessor 4004 Series 16-Pin Dip
Apple Lisa 1-2 Screen/CRT, Case, Power Switch and Card
Serial Cable Commodore 64 C64 Disk Drive & printer 1541 1571 9' L NEW USA Seller
Commodore C64 SX64 MOS 6526 CIA Commodore 64/128 chip IC
Vintage Wire Wrap Proto Circuit Board chip IC Gold Scrap Recovery Collectible
NEW 16-bit ISA IDE HD Hard Drive Controller Card Promise w/ cable VINTAGE
GGLABS RAMGS/4 Apple IIgs 4MB memory expansion - 4M RAM GS/OS
WangTek 6200HS DAT Tape Drive, TESTED GOOD, 50-Pin SCSI DDS-1
Vintage Atari 1010 Program Cassette Tape Recorder Untested w/ FREE USA SHIPPING
3.6v rechargeable CMOS battery 60mAh (NiCd/NiMH) for vintage motherboards & PLC
1x SKCM BLUE ALPS Replacement Clicky Keyboard Switch TESTED WORKING WITH O-SCOPE
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INSERTING and REPLACING 2013 International CES Exhibitor Profiles: N Through Z
to name a few – or create custom cases with photos! Skinit offers all levels of protection from durable impact resistant cases to non-bulky vinyl covers. For enterprise partners, Skinit offers end-to-end platform solutions for Fortune 500 companies ...
HP Introduces Stylish and Affordable Consumer and Business PCs
Have it all with HP accessories ... computing experience. The line-up includes: -- The HP Touch to Pair Mouse, the world's first wireless mouse with near field communication (NFC), allows users to instantly connect the mouse to any Bluetooth-enabled PC or ...
How Samsung Became the World's No. 1 Smartphone Maker
Like other Korean conglomerates—LG and Hyundai come to mind—the first step is to start small: make a key component for that industry ... Microprocessors and memory chips are perfect. “A semiconductor fab costs $2 billion to $3 billion ...
April Fool's Day 2013: The best stories from around the web
"Explore 2D hand drawn landmarks," it says in explanation. "Find hidden treasure chests ... up of the apparent best gaffs are all its own creation. We've got a Tesco Value 3D Food Printer which, as well as being a witty play on the latest 3D printing ...
The 2012 holiday gift guide
The 8GB model includes that plus a one-year subscription to Evernote Premium and a portfolio case for carrying ... the $300 white Basic Set that has 8GB of internal storage and the $350 black Deluxe Set that includes 32GB of storage, the Nintendo Land ...
How Mighty Mint became one of the most popular Linux distros
What makes Linux Mint so awesome? That, in itself, is quite a question. After all, why do we use Linux? It's one of those questions that can only be answered from the point of view of an individual's personal approach to their experiences with the ...